Parrwati valley

Manikaran, one of the famous pilgrimages of Himachal Pradesh, is considered a symbol of religious unity. Here flows a river called Parvati, on one side of which is the temple of Shiva, and on the other side the historic gurudwara of Guru Nanak Dev. Due to being connected to the river, the atmosphere of both religious places looks very beautiful. It is said that Lord Shiva, angry with this place, opened his third eye.

While playing in the river here, the gem of Mata Parvati’s ear ornaments fell into the water and went to the Palat Lok. When this happened, Lord Shiva asked him to find the gem. Even after searching a lot, Shiva-Gana did not find the gem. Enraged by this, Lord Shiva opened his third eye. Naina Devi appeared with her eyes as soon as the third eye-opening. Therefore, this place is considered the birthplace of Naina Devi. When Naina Devi went to Hades and asked Sheshnag to return the gem, Sheshnag presented the gem to Lord Shiva.

There are still many jewels in the river.

According to beliefs, in addition to the gem of Goddess Parvati, Sheshnag had also presented many stories to please Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva had asked Goddess Parvati to recognize her gem and use it, all other stones were made in the form of stones and placed in the river. It is said that the accounts sent from Sheshnag are still present in the river here in the form of stones.

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