Garjiya Devi Temple


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Garjiya Devi Temple or ‘Girija Devi Temple’ is located in Sunderkhal village of Uttarakhand, which is one of the main temples of Mata Parvati. This temple is a wonderful example of faith and trust. This famous temple of Uttarakhand is located about 15 kilometers from Ramnagar. The temple is built on top of a small hill, where the beautiful environment gives a feeling of peace and elegance. The place of Girija Devi (Garjiya Devi) is unique among the famous temples of the Goddess. She is called by this name only because Giriraj is the daughter of the Himalayas. It is believed that the temples where the Goddess is situated as Vaishnavi are worshiped with floral offerings and where Shiva is in the form of Shakti, there is a provision of sacrifice.


Archaeologists state that the oldest settlement of Kurmanchal was near Dhikuli, where the present Ramnagar is located. The name of this city, situated on the banks of river Kosi, was then ‘Vairat port’ or ‘Vairat nagar‘. Prior to the arrival of the Katyuri kings, the first kings of the Kuru dynasty ruled here, who lived under the umbrella of the ancient Indraprastha (modern Delhi) kingdom. Dhikuli, Garjia region has its own history of about 3000 years. The famous Katyuri dynasty, Chandra dynasty, Gorkha dynasty and British rulers have enjoyed the pleasure of the holy land here. The Shakti Sthal, named Garjiya, was in a neglected state before 1940, but even before 1940, many dentures tell the history of this place. Prior to the year 1940, the condition of this temple was not like today, in due course this goddess was known as Upta Devi (Upadhyayun). The public opinion of the time was that the mound in which the present Garjia temple is situated was flowing from the upper area somewhere in the flood of Kosi river. Seeing the temple flowing along the mound, Bhairav ​​Dev was told to try to stop it – “Thi rau, baina thi rau” meaning ‘stay, stay the sister’, stay here with me. Since then the goddess has been residing in Upta in Garjia.

Religious affiliation

It is believed that before the year 1940, this area was full of fierce forests. The idols were first seen on the mound by the then employees of the forest department and local riders and realized the presence of Mata Jagjanni at this place. The secluded secluded forest area, the strong stream of the Kosi river flowing under the mound, climbing up to the mound with the help of grass and straw, despite the fierce roar of wild animals, devotees started coming to this place to visit the mother. The then-senior officials of the forest also came here. It is said that the lion used to roar fiercely in the vehicle of Goddess Durga near the mound. Many times the lion was also seen by the people orbiting this mound.

How to reach

Rail and bus services are available up to Ramnagar, beyond that taxi is easily available. There are many hotels available for lodging and lodging in Ramnagar. Travelers can also visit the Jim Corbett National Park from here.