Hidimba Devi


Hadimba Devi Travel Inspiration


Hidimba Devi is a temple of goddess located in Manali in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Its history is associated with Pandavas. Maybe you are not aware of this. We are going to make you the history of this temple today. You know that after defeating everything in gambling, Dhritarashtra and Duryodhana had sent the Pandavas to the Varnavav Nameshi place. Here, they were planned to burn them alive. To live the Pandavas, the whole palace was made of lakhs, which got burnt when there was a small fire. This conspiracy of the Pandavas came to know and they dug a tunnel inside the night. When the fire broke out in the building at night, they escaped through the tunnel. By this tunnel he got out and came to Ganga Ghat. Crossed the Ganga by boat and moved southwards.

This forest was in the Hidimba’s rule

Kaurav thought that Pandavas have died. After escaping from here, Pandavas continued to live in forests to avoid the eyes of Kauravas. In the meantime, when they walked in the forest, they came in a monster area. All were tired. They were also thirsty. Mahabali Bhim went to take water.

When they came back after taking water, did they see that all the brothers, including Mother Kunti, were asleep after being tired. Bhima was so sad to see his mother and brothers sleeping on the ground in the forest. In that jungle, the monkey named Hidimba had lived with his sister Hidimbi.

Hidimba was roaming in search of food

Hidimba sent his sister Hidimbi to search for food in the forest but Hidimbi saw mother Kunti with five Pandavas there. After she saw Bhim, she fell in love with him. They tried to kill Hidimbi but after getting angry, Hidimba attacked Pandavas back. Hidimba and Bhima have fought for a long time. In this battle, Bhima killed Hidimba. Hidimba wanted Bhim to get married with his sister Hidimbi on his last wish, but Bhima refused. On this, somebody told Bhima that there is no other in this world anymore.

So Bhim get married to Hidimb. Both Hidimbi and Bhima were married in the order of Kunti. He had a son named Ghatotkacha who had shown great courage in the battle of Mahabharata. He received the boon of Lord Krishna from the darkness (black magic). Lord Krishna himself could only break his cycle and only himself.

After marrying Pandu putra Bhima, Hidimbi was not a monster anymore. She became human and in time she became a goddess. Whatever the original place of Hidimbi may have been, the place where it has been divinely inspired is Manali. The temple of Goddess Hidimbi in Manali is very magnificent and very good in terms of art. Within the temple there is a natural rock, which is considered as the place of Goddess.

Gifted to Vihangamani

This temple has four roofed pagodas in the middle of the majestic pine trees near Manali. The temple was built by ruler Bahadur Singh (1546-1569 AD) of Kullu in 1553. The walls are built in a traditional mountain style. The entrance is excellent specimen of hard carving.