Kasauli Travel Inspiration


Kasauli is a town in Himachal Pradesh of India. Located at an altitude of 1795 on the sea level, Kasauli is the small hill station of Himachal Pradesh. Is located at a distance of 77 km south of Shimla. Looking at here, the wind begins to change, and the group of clouds is immediately roasted through the sun and look like a umbrella shape. The second time, the weather gets clearer, and the pleasant air that attracts the mind and heart from all sides starts to touch. Whether the tourists are on the ‘Monkey Point’ here or outside the Christ Church, be at the bus station or on the road, in the Hanuman temple or in the Sai Baba temple, from the delightful air adventures that refresh the mind everywhere. Rather, instead of reaching Kasauli, travelers already realize that entering the Kasauli area two to three kilometers before reaching Kasauli.

Historical View

There are many stories about Kasauli’s name- like-

It is said that some Rajputs of Rewari were settled in the small village called ‘Kasol’ settled in the foothills of the Himalayas. Later this village was established in the form of ‘Kasauli’ along with time.

According to the second story, Jabali has a mountainous stream called Kaushalya, due to which it has got Kasauli called.

There is a popular belief that its original name is ‘Kusumavali‘, which means ‘the flower bouquet‘.

On the way to Kasauli, the third conviction is the most accurate, because here in every season, different types of colorful flowers make this place even more attractive. This view is quite impressive for tourists. Well, there are all the tales of this place’s name, but there is only one discussion of the inequalities and it is a very attractive hill station. Where people also go for health benefits after the disease. Perhaps this was the reason that the British had left no stone unturned in the form of a hill station.

Attractive tourist sites

Here, people keep coming year-round, but more tourists here between April and June and September to November. Many colors of Kasauli are found in this season. Sometimes a little sunshine, sometimes some clouds and sometimes light-humorous drops the color of the weather on the trees and plants here, they can feel at the flower leaves here. Kasauli is a quiet, clean, beautiful and cheap tourist destination. Here are some of the major tourist attractions here. Among them, ‘Monkey Point’, the highest point of Kasauli, ‘Hanuman Mandir’ built on Monkey Point, Mishal Christ Baptist Church of Kotali of Kasauli, Baba Balakishan Temple, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Central Research Institute, Air Force Guard Station, Asia’s most There are ancient schools such as the high televisions tower and the nearby Lawrance School, Pinegrove School, St. Mary’s Convent School, which have been for 100 years old.

  • Monkey point

Upper Mall goes to ‘Monkey Point’, which is the highest point in Kasauli. This place is now in the jurisdiction of the Indian Army, so there are many arrangements to go there. Here is the temple of Lord Hanuman of Shri Ram. It is said that Lord Hanuman used to take steps on this point of Kasauli prior to the excuse while going to take Sanjivani booti to save Laxman life. At this of Kasauli, devotees also come along with devote as well as to the temple of Hanuman. If the tourists are crazy about the scenic scenes, then from here, they will not be able to live without being fascinated by the views of Kasauli. Monkey

Point is 4 kilometers away from Kasauli Bus Stand and there is a different experience to see mountain ranges and valleys spread far. On one side, Kalka and Chandigarh, on the other side, Dhanpur and Shimla. It has two tombs, which have their history. She (Women of Ireland) was capable horseman. When the road was not built here, then she planned to go for a horse till the Monkey Point one day. The people refused so much, because the rocks were not very stable, but she remained firm on her plans. In the end, she reached there, but the horse also died along with a slippery slip in the return. These graves are also available here today.

  • Kasauli Club

On the way there is a trekking area and a picnic spot. The Kasauli Club is located on Upper mall, which can be availed of as a temporary member and sports and library can be availed. All other facilities of the club are also available to the temporary members.

  • Chhauni

This is basically a military camp. In 1850, it was built for the first time when the thirteenth Light Infantry Regiment was built. Since then Kasauli is counted as one of the major encampments in the country. Here you will see many monkeys and langurs leaping, but never bother anyone. In front of the Cantonment Hospital, along with the bird’s view of the valley, there is also a never-ending sight of the sunset from the pine of the pine. There is a cinema hall in Kasauli, which is under the army. Regular movies are not shown here, but whenever movies appear, anyone can see. From here, you can go on foot on foot, Dharampur Sabathu, Dongshai and Parvwanu. Dharampur is the best hospital in India for asthma patients. Sabhtu is the fort of Gorkhas built in the 19th century and the army camp in Dagshai. In addition, there are several temples nearby. A beautiful waterfall flows through the Nahri Devi temple located about four kilometers away. There is also a temple of Sai Baba here. Here is the distillery of Mohan Meikins in Gharkhal, four kilometers away in the name of the factory, which does not have the potential to affect Kasauli’s environment. This distillery is Asia’s first distillery. A large church comes in as soon as entering Kasauli. It is known as the ‘Christ Church’.

How to reach

Airway – Nearest airport to Kasauli is in Chandigarh, which is 65 kilometers There are many flights to Delhi from Chandigarh to Chandigarh. The flights of Indian Airlines, Kingfisher, Jet Air, Jet Lite are daily.

Railway – There are five trains for Delhi from Kalka to Delhi. Himalayan Queen, Kalka Shatabdi, West Express and Howrah-Delhi-Kalka Mail can reach Kalka. From Kalka onwards, from Shimla line to Dharampur station, you can go by train. Whether the Kalka Shimla Passenger Bike or Kalka Shimla Express, Himalayan Queen Bike or Shivalik Deluxe Express, these cars will reach Dharmpur in about half an hour (about 33 kms), seeing the beauty of the hills. After that, with the bus of Himachal Roadbase, only 12 kilometers from here, you can reach Kasauli at your destination.

Roads – Distance from Delhi to Kasauli is 264 kilometers and from Chandigarh and Kalka are 67 and 35 kilometers respectively. In addition to the Himachal road buses from Delhi, private buses also operate. Roads has regular buses from Chandigarh and Kalka as well. From Delhi to Ambala on NH-1 and from Ambala to Kasauli, NH-22 can continue.

Where to stay

Given the popularity of Kasauli, the better arrangement of accommodation can be estimated here. That is, there are dozens of good hotels, resorts, guest houses and more. Himachal Tourism also has a heritage hotel, whose name is ‘The Rose Common’, but the stay should be arranged on time. Visitors can visit the official website of Himachal Tourism and also make their own booking at the Home Stay located there, which is a bit cheaper than hotels.

Best Time to visit

Here, people keep coming year-round, but more tourists here between April and June and September to November. Many colors of Kasauli are found in this season. Sometimes a little sunshine, sometimes some clouds and sometimes light-humorous drops the color of the weather on the trees and plants here, they can feel at the flower leaves here.