Leh city is located in northern India of Eastern Jammu and Kashmir. This town is situated at a height of
3,520 meters above the High Mountains area of India, which is called the Roof of the World. It is
surrounded by high mountains. Leh is one of the world's tallest cities with permanent population.

Transport and How to reach
Only a main highway which can take you to Leh is Triti road, which is built as a halt of caravan coming
from Asia, which connects it to Srinagar in the west and Demchok (Pa-le-Chia-Suss) of Tibet in the south-

Here Leh Kushok Bookla Rimpo Airport is located. There are direct and regular flights from Indian
Airlines and Jet Airways to Delhi from Leh.

You can go to Leh by the Shalimar and Jhelum Express from New Delhi Railway Station. In addition to
Jammu Tavi from Old Delhi and other railway station like Hazrat Nizamuddin, Leh can be reached from
Rajdhani Express via Jammu. Leh by Jammu or by taxi can be leased.

Buses from J & K roadways run from Delhi Srinagar or Jammu can be reached through the bus service.
Taxi services can be taken to go ahead. The Leh-Srinagar route is open from June to October whereas
Leh-Manali route is open from July to September.

The old palace of the Ladakh's king and the Shankar Math is located near the town. Situated at an
altitude of 11000 feet along the Indus River, Leh makes the impression of Paradise on the ground. If you
want to see heaven on earth, better place than Leh can hardly be second. Thousands of tourists come to
Leh to find attraction in the Himalayas. The beautiful breathtaking cloud in splendid Leh is so close that
it seems like it can be touched by hand stretching. Tracking on the Sky touching Mountains is your own
fun here. In Leh there are many historical buildings besides the mountains and rivers. There are large
number of beautiful Buddhist monasteries in which many Buddhist monks live.

Jeep Safari

The best way to reach untouched places is Jeep Safari. Being a strong jeep, Jeep can easily reach a
difficult place. It can cross the desert of Thar and in Jeep safari on the Himalayas, the journey from
Manali to Leh can be done. Some of the jeep safaris route are Leh and Ladakh, Kumaon and Garhwal and

Many things related to Ladakhi culture and traditions in Leh can be bought. Pashmina shawl is the most
popular among the things found in Leh. This shawl is very hot and soft. Apart from this, Tibetan woolen
Carpet can also be purchased from Leh. Many other wooden items can also be purchased from Leh.

According to the 2001 census, the population of Leh city is 27,513 and the total population of Leh
district is 1,17,637.