Palampur is a beautiful hill station located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh state. Palampur is made from the local language word ‘pulum‘ which means ‘a lot of water’. Palampur Devbhoomi is a beautiful and popular tourist destination situated in the northwest of Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by dense forests of tea plantations, pine and deodar. This city is situated in the middle of Kangra valley at an altitude of 1219 meters above sea level. Apart from tea and beautiful forests, this city has many other features that make it different from other places. For example, the region is also known for world famous para gliding, beautiful views of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges, Shobha Singh’s art gallery, ancient temples, favorable climate and the Budla River falling from a height of 100 meters. There is a lot of snowfall in the upper part of Palampur, so many activities of winter sports are done here.

Scenic Spots

Beer and Billing

35 km from Palampur This remote village is famous for Buddhist monasteries. Hang gliding drivers use this place as their landing place. Bir is surrounded by tea plantations. Bir is also an amphitheater at the bottom of the hills and the area is an ideal place for para gliders to descend. The Buddhist monastery at Bir and the Tibetan handicrafts sold in them are also very popular. Billing village is in the upper part of Bir. It is popularly known as the most important aerosports center in the country.

Baijnath Shiva Temple

Baijnath Shiva Temple, Palampur The ‘Baijnath Shiva Temple’ here is one of the most magnificent temples in the Kangra Valley. The ancient name of this city was ‘Kirgram‘. It got its name Baijnath due to Shiva Vaidyanath. The temple also has a Adyatam, adorned with pyramidaluma pavilions. Lingam is enshrined in this act. There are also some idols related to Ravana. It is said that Ravana worshiped Shiva at this place. Baijnath is one of the two Jyotirlingas and the Shivaratri festival is celebrated with great pomp here. Baijnath 16 km from Palampur. is far.

Nugel khad

Beautiful views of the Dhauladhar mountain range can be seen from the Nugal Khad. In the rainy season, the sound of water here sounds like thunder. Far from urban busyness and noise, this place is an ideal place for picnics.

Bundla River

This river, falling from a height of 100 meters at a distance of 2 km from Palampur, is the center of attraction of Palampur. During the monsoon season, this river comes in its monstrous form. When this river, which brings with you stones and rocks, falls, there are constant loud noises. The route from Palampur to Budla can be adopted here.


The place is considered to be the home of artists Nora Richards, Shobha Singh and BC Sanyal. Shobha Singh’s house has now been converted into a gallery. His art is displayed in this gallery. A craftsmanship and pottery center can also be seen in Andretta. Andretta is 13 km from Palampur.

Bundlamata Temple

From Palampur, the historic temple of Bundlamata can be reached by walking through tea gardens and

open fields. This temple was originally built 500 years ago. The temple is just 2 km from Palampur. is far.

Tea factory

This tea factory is at the beginning of Palampur. The co-operative society here runs this factory. The entire process of making tea can be seen in the factory.

How To  Reach


Gaggal Airport, 50 km from Palampur, is the nearest airport.

railroad track

The nearest railway station is located at Maranda, 2 km away, which is connected to the narrow gauge line. The line connects Pathankot and Joginder Nagar. Pathankot is the nearest broad gauge railway station.


Palampur is connected by road to almost all the cities of Himachal. Himachal Pradesh State Transport Corporation buses regularly connect Palampur with other cities.

Best Time to visit

March to June and September to November can be visited.