Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley
The Spiti Valley in Himachal’s District is no less than a paradise. In a few months a year, it remains open
for the picnic. But despite this, it is the first choice of many tourists. Despite the heavy snowfall this
year, the site attracts tourists from around the world. Greenery is less visible in this valley than the
border of Ladakh and Tibet. Everywhere cold deserts and snow-covered mountains increase its beauty.
Many people spend their days in a quiet environment, away from crowded city. Most people come here
for a picnic which is physically healthy. After 1991, it was also opened for foreign tourists.
There are also many community members in the valley. They all have their own culture and rituals. The
number of people in the Buddhist community has increased tremendously here. This tourist spot is
connected to the road from Manali. However, this site has not yet fully developed but slowly enough
hotels are opening here. The district also has several large lakes that accumulate during winter. You can
come here during the high temperature of summer months.
Best Time to Visit Spiti
Due to its height, Lahaul and Spiti seems very cold in winter. The weather in summer is very pleasant.
Due to the cold in winter, there is a shortage of electricity and traffic due to which there is a lot of
decrease in tourism here. Although Spiti is accessible from Shimla for the whole year, Kaza is accessible
from the old Indo-Tibet route. Lahaul is not accessible until June but weekly helicopter services are
available between December and April.
Due to excessive cold in winter here, the tundra tree does not grow to the plant and the entire area
remains sterile. Even in the lower valley of Spiti in summer the temperature does not reach to 20
How to reach Spiti Valley:
Via Air
The closest airport to Spiti Valley is the Kullu Airport at Bhuntar, Kullu. This airport is well-associated
with the major town areas of the country. One can rent a taxi or taxi to achieve the goal. The journey is
something like 5 hours.
Via Train
The closest railroad station to Spiti valley are Joginder Nagar railroad station, and Shimla railroad
station. To achieve the valley, you can rent a taxi from the railroad station or can likewise board a
transport going to Spiti.
By Road
Spiti is well-associated by street to major cities of close states from. You can board the Himachal
Pradesh state transport service’s bus and other private transports from Manali, going past the Kunzum
La pass, or can rent jeeps and vehicles to reach Spiti. There is another street that movements north from
Shima by means of Kinnaur locale till the Spiti valley.

Spiti Tourism
Tabo Monastery
It is one of the most important monasteries located in the city of Tabo, about 17 km from Kaza. In
popularity, the monastery of Tabo is alone next to Tholung Gompa in Tibet. The monastery has also
been considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With the largest monastic complex, this Gambia is
home to approximately 60 lamas and has a large collection of Scriptures, wall paintings and murals that
are quite similar to the paintings of Ajanta.
Dhankar Monastery
At an altitude of 3870 m, there is a large village of Dhankar, which is the official capital of Spiti. This city
is famous for an old fort located on the top of a hill and a monastery known as Lha-O-pa Gompa. The
monastery houses around 100 lamas and has a life-size statue of Vairochana or Buddha in meditation.
The building has relics in the form of paintings and sculptures.

Kye Monastery
Overlooking Kaza from a height of 4116 m, the Kye Monastery is the largest and oldest monastery in the
Spiti valley. The monastery has beautiful sculptures and scriptures of Buddhist teachings, as well as
books and murals of aesthetic value.

Kungri Gompa
Located in the Pin Valley, it is the second oldest Gompa in the Spiti Valley. The Gompa follows the
Buddhism of Nyingmapa, which is the oldest order of Tibetan Buddhism. On the walls of the Gompa, silk
paintings of various Buddhist deities can be seen. The monastery also has huge statues and has
preserved more than 300 volumes of the sacred Tibetan texts, Kanjur and Tengyur.
In addition to the beautiful gompas and monasteries, the spectacular snow-capped peaks and rugged
landscape of the Spiti Valley attract tourists to travel in Himachal Pradesh. There are other places to visit
in Spiti that encourage tourists and pilgrims to travel to Himachal Pradesh. We offer these travel
packages in Himachal that are so well maintained and attractive.
Things to do in Spiti
Skiing is the popular adventure sport in Spiti and is popular in India in recent years. The amazing snow-
capped mountains with the additional advantage of inspiring heights are enough to seduce the skier's
avid adventurous spirits, providing all the excitement and fun that attracts this sport. People from all
over the world come to experience this exciting adventure activity.