Sattal Lake

Overview of Sattal Lake 

Sattal Lake is a beautiful lake situated 23 km from Nainital. This lake is located in Uttarakhand. The main route to reach this pool is from Bhimtal. The distance of ‘Sattal‘ from Bhimtal is only 4 km. is. Nowadays another route for this place has started going from the village of Mahra. Sattal is only 7 km from the village of Mahra. is far. Boating boaters have been provided with special facilities. It has been declared a major tourist area by the Department of Tourism. A beautiful arrangement has been made to sit on each corner of the pool. Various flowers, vines have been planted around the entire pool. Apart from sitting, steps and beautiful bridges have been made, ‘Satatal‘ has been made as a paradise. In fact, this rhythm is paramount in terms of beauty. There is a temple of Naukuchi Devi here.


The group of seven lakes is located at a distance of just 13 km from Sat Tal Bhawali. The scenery here attracts the tourists who come here. The supernatural form of seven lakes together can be seen here only. Its shape is similar to that of Ashwakhar. It is 19 meters in length, 315 meters in width and 150 meters in depth and is situated at an altitude of 1288 meters above sea level.

Places to visit in Sattal Lake

There are a group of seven small lakes here.

Nal-Damayanti Tal

Garuda Taal

Ram Tal

Laxman tal

Sita tal


Sukha Pool

1. Nal-Damayanti Lake

The first rhythm that falls is the Nal-Damayanti rhythm. This Taal is situated on a motorway going seven miles from the village of Mahra. It is three kilometers to the left from where the Maharagaon Satatal motorway starts. The shape of this pool is Panchkoni. According to mythology, the lake Nal Damayanti was named after a king Nal and his wife Damayanti who came here and later became their tomb in this pool. At that time, this pool was very large and it irrigated almost the entire village, hence the cultivation of this village used to beat the cultivation of Bhabar and there was very dense forest which is now ending. In this, parts of cut fish are sometimes seen. It is said that during the harshest days of his life, Nal Damayanti used to live near this pool. The fishes they had cut and put in the embroidery had also flown away. It is said that the same cut fish appear in that pool.

2. Garuda Tal

After this, there is a Garuda rhythm. It is a small pool and its water is very clear. Locals say that Draupadi built her kitchen during the exile of the Pandavas near this lake. The sil-batta used by Draupadi is still present here as stones. Local people believe that the Pandavas lived in this entire area during their exile.

3. Ram, laxman, sita tal

Rama, Lakshmana, Sita Tal is ahead of this rhythm. This rhythm is the largest rhythm in which the three rhythms are linked together. It is said that Rama, Laxman and Sita used to live here. Pandavas also lived here and this is where Bhima ended Hidimba demonic.

4. Sukha tal and Purna tal

The existence of dry pools and full pool lakes has ended due to carelessness. But apart from these two lakes, the lakes which are there are still in good condition. There is also an ancient church here which is quite famous for its craft. There is also a temple of Hidimba Devi after a steep climb of 7-8 km from Satatal. Baba Ji who lives in this temple has planted many species of trees, flowers, and herbs here, due to which birds of different species can also be seen at this place.